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Erika Gisselle Hernandez

Sequoia - G8

Erika Gisselle Hernandez developed a relationship between music and dance from a young age. Her initial influence began with her roots in Mexico and expanded once she migrated to the US at the age of five. She was introduced to technical training In High School while attending Regional Center of the Arts in Trumbull, CT. In 2011 she was victim of a hit and run accident that inhibited her from continuing her training. Her health became a priority and in that she found a passion for nutrition. After eight years she returned to dance and began training and continues to train at Double Up Dance Studio and various studios in New York City. In 2019, she became an active member of Team Leggoo, a professional dance company based in Fairfield CT. Aside from dance she can be found connecting with nature, engaged in conversation, traveling, immersed in books or making memories with her son Landon. She actively seeks knowledge in all facets of life with hopes to one day intertwine her passion of dance and nutrition to give back and inspire others as she has been inspired.

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