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Brianna Gill

Apollo - G8

Brianna Gill was born and raised in Stamford, CT where she would feel the beat and move naturally whenever she heard music. Brianna and her mom soon realized that dancing was Brianna's calling, and she started training intensely. At 10 years old, she began working and performing with choreographer, Alexander Cobb, and performed around the tri-state area with groups such as Rhythm City and Jona Biddle. Brianna also became a choreographer and by 2017, she put together her own dance company. Under Brianna's direction, the company danced in shows around Connecticut and New York with great success. The group allowed Brianna to connect with other young dancers to inspire and motivate them to push for their passion.

In May 2019, Brianna decided to take the leap and auditioned for Generation 8 of Team Leggoo, a professional dance company in Connecticut directed by Paul and Brian Herman. She loves the push of training and performing with the company and being a part of music and concept videos with up and coming artists. Her ultimate goal is to have. her own studio and dance company.

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