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Alexa Nicoli

Odyssey - G8

Alexa Nicoli is a dancer and current full time college undergraduate at a local university in Connecticut, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Dance. She has been dancing for 14 years starting off in a local studio training in various styles, but especially enjoys contemporary and hip-Hop. From the age of 11, she began gaining recognition at regional and national competition tours through the age of 17. As of 2018, and with current attendance, she is a member of the Sacred Heart University’s Pre-Professional Dance Company and a current dancer on their Professional Track of Hip-Hop, “Inception Dance Crew.” As of summer 2019, she began her journey with professional company Team Leggoo. Nicoli has worked and performed with rising artists such as Ali Berke, Sam Diem, and more as she dreams of experiencing the bigger stages around the world. One of her many joys is to constantly share her passion for dance with others. Nicoli is intrigued by the psychology behind the creative mindset within a dancer and utilizes it to create art that acknowledges the various life perspectives.

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