Team Leggoo was founded in Connecticut in April of 2011 by Paul and Brian Herman (Double Up) with first generation dancers (G1) Liana Martinez, Celine Edmondson, Richard Lawrence, Caitlyn Hydeck, and Raymund Lagdamen (First Assistant Choreographer). As the dance community in Connecticut grew so did the company’s vision. Assisted by Susan Rodriguez (G2, First Assistant Artistic Director), Paul and Brian developed a distinguished program to help train and educate dancers. Team Leggoo welcomes future generations into the company through DUDC’s highly selective audition and enrollment program. The company has evolved to better mentor and challenge company members to reach their personal and professional goals through Team Leggoo University assisted by Team Advisors, Aleksia Hill and Celine Edmondson, and Second Assistant Artistic Director, Lindsay Frank. The company as a whole has worked hard to build a strong resume filled with teaching platforms, performances, music videos, conventions, awards, backup dancing for recording artists, and distinguished dance programs. With this knowledge and experience, Team Leggoo has become a resource for the Connecticut dance community. 

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